Wave Box

We decided to improve our flow and recreate a more natural reef surge for our SPS tank. These are simply  remarkable, it improves the efficiency of any Streem Pump, recreates a more natural reef surge and improves flow, resulting in a healthier SPS environment. During the off cycle the Wave Box has a space of air. Simple fluid dynamics then allow for water to flow into the box when the pump is in its off cycle. This creates additional water movement.

Here is our easy step by step build. The total cost was less than $20.

We started with an 18×24 piece of  5mm thick of standard acrylic from Home Depot. The Acrylic was divided into 5 6×12 and 2 6×6 pieces. We chose a tile saw to cut the acrylic as it was available, also we did not want to spend extra on a special saw blade. The pieces were glued with Weld-On #16 Acrylic cement. The joints do not have to be perfect as the box is under water and any small leaking will have no consequence to its function. You could even Use a silicon or Plumbers Goop to build the box. A standard hole saw was used for the Tunze 6201 pump. The pieces were glued together the pump was secured with silicon and 45 minutes later a wave box. If we were to do it over we would of made larger ones hidden by the rock work but for now flow is much improved.  For more info on wave boxes click on the following links.Box2Box3Box1Drill

xtm Wave Box

Finlands Reef

BarraCudas DYI Wave Box


Tile SawGlue